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Welcome to the Versi-Table Homepage!

     Cordless height-adjustable surgical instrument table with attachments

         US-Utility Patent # 11478074

The official page of the Versi-Table, a surgical instrument table that was developed to add versatility and efficiency to the set-up of any surgical and interventional procedure, while promoting proper aseptic technique and ergonomic enhancement.

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  • The Versi-Table is made of medical grade stainless steel with a thin layer of chromium oxide to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • Electrical components including raise/lower buttons and cables have a plastic covering and protected by silicone, rubber, and Neoprene gaskets for waterproofing.

  • The Power Brick on top of the base panel of the unit houses the lithium power supply. The column above the brick will hold the actuators.  Both of these will enable the table to raise and lower.  This also allows for a cordless charge that lasts for at least sixteen hours.

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